Wednesday, July 4, 2007


The Fourth of July was eventful. Max showed off his new wagon...


Evie showed off her new dress.

My crafting has gone to new levels, can you tell I'm bored?

Max has a new job.

3 weeks ago we were in Target and Max was sleeping in the cart. All of the sudden he leapt up and proclaimed, "MAMA THIS MY WORK! WHAT YOU DOIN' AT MY WORK?" I was dumbfounded, but he kept insisting he worked at Target. Yesterday we were back in Target and when I walked by the baby shoes (same place I was in before when he shouted) he started screaming "ME WORK! WHY ARE WE AT MY WORK?" Who knows...

The other day Evie was crying, just messing around I told Max, "I think this baby is broken, maybe we should get another one?" Max didn't find that funny at all. He started crying, "NO, I WANT TO KEEP THIS ONE!" I felt horrible.

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Dragynf1ye said...

OMG I love your wagon hack!!! Would you mind if I posted a link back and shared it on my blog?