Thursday, September 6, 2007


Seriously. I'm sick of being worried about the toys my kids are playing with. I should be able to go to the store, buy a fucking toy, and not be worried that they will be POISONED! This is the THIRD recall this summer. NOT including the Rainforest Swing that my child has swung in that I had to take back, and in return was given a gift card to buy more Made in China BULLSHIT! And don't think for a SECOND that since these toys have been recalled that Mattel is furiously testing all their toys to ensure your childrens safety because if that were the case we wouldn't be hearing about this recall now, WE WOULD HAVE HEARD ABOUT IT IN MAY WHEN WE HEARD ABOUT THE OTHERS!

As long as there has been no death, or horrible poisoning, or a face of a poor child to link this to the public will not care. We will get pissed, we will groan and moan, we will be happy that they are going to cut us a gift certificate to buy more Made In China bullshit, and we're going to rinse and repeat!

Economically, it would be best for us to buy American manafactured toys and spend a few dollars more, but at the end of the day us flag waving patriotic types stop in the nearest Walmart and buy it cheaper where the workmanship was outsourced to China, but really when you can hardly afford your house payment who can blame you? We're set up to fail in this country so the rich can get richer.
I have done this, I have gone to the store to grab essentials and to avoid a screaming fit from my son I buy him whatever character toy he wanted, which Fisher Price makes, which wasn't made by Fisher Price at all but instead outsourced to China to make a quick buck (or billion), but I'm done, it's getting ridiculous and the only way they will stop marketing their crap to the masses is if they can't sell it, and they've lost my business so hopefully others will follow suit and THEN we'll start seeing REAL thoughtful craftmanship with our health and saftey in mind.

So let's fucking stop. If we don't give Fisher Price our business, than they can't give it to China, then they won't be able to make their money, then they will reconsider outsourcing since we are boycotting and it will bring more jobs home, and then maybe we can pay our fucking bills!How the hell do we do this? Well, let's start with Christmas, a NOT Made in China Christmas! There are many AMERICAN toy companies that you can buy at TARGET or KMART that won't cost you an appendage. I have acquired some websites to start with... (more expensive but cute shit!)

Two huge brands are Step 2 and Little Tikes. Or just flip over the toy when you buy it and see where it was made, that's huge! Even if it's hard to find things Made in America (yes, it's VERY hard) at least look for European countries, who are sticklers for quality.

Seriously, I'm ready to cut the crap, and one Christmas with plummeting sales is probably just what this horrible company of death needs to see we mean fucking business.For a list of recalls and to see if your child's crap has been affected go here...
Paul gave me a great idea, if you clear coat all of your shatty plastic MIC toys the chance of lead exposure will be greatly reduced, only if they were to chip the paint but even then it would be minimal. We will be doing this to the toys Max is attached to (Hot Wheels, Geo Trax, Trains).
There's my rant for the month.

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gramma/momma said...

Bravo! Im having a hell of a time finding stuff, not, made in
china. I have another box for the kids but trying hard to find stuff they can actually play with that youll feel okay with. It will be an "All American Xmas" love ya, mom