Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We got a house!

After being in this apartment for a year, we finally got a house! It's a 3 bedroom ranch, on an acre, in Howell. We should be closing on March 15th, FINGERS CROSSED!!

We had Xmas and Max's Bob the Builder 3rd birthday in January, since the last time I updated.

We had his party at Castaway Cafe, which is sort of the equivalent of Leaps and Bounds or Discovery Zone. Lots of tunnels and small, horribly behaved, evil children; 2 of which were mine. We had a good time, but I'm not sure if we'll be doing that again. Luckily, we will have our new house for Genevieve's party!

Max has been okay, his potty training has totally regressed. I'm going to try again once we get into the new house. He has developed a new personality named "Goo Goo". Goo Goo visits when he's tired or not getting enough attention. Goo Goo craps his pants, pees on the floors, wants a baba, and needs to be held. I'm sure I have done something horrible to make this come about, and his future therapist and/or wife will damn me. Shit.

Evie says "dada" and "mama", she takes a couple steps, but can't be bothered with full on walking. Being carried is sooo much better.

Oh! Angela got married and is with child. Hurrah! She got a mini-bachelorette party where I made this lovely piece of art...

Her wedding was fantastic. And now she's grown hormonal pregnancy horns. I want to scoop her up, and move her out here to the country with me until the baby is born, but I don't think Jason would like that. Or maybe he would, who knows. ;)

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