Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Max As A Movie Critic

If you have been wondering if any movies are worth 2 hours of your life, I have the perfect solution! I have employed my son to rate movies, and it will now be a feature on my blog every time he sees a new one! Excited? Well, you should be...


Me - Max, what is Kung Fu Panda about?

Max - It's about, uh, he fights Kai Lan, he puts one finger up, um, boom he's dead, and then they come and find him, and then they he puts his finger up, and then people come see him, and then boom he's the Dragon Warrior. And then I watch it again.

Me - Would you watch it again?

Max - Ummm, yeah!

Me - How many stars would you give it?

Max - Um, 2 months.


Me - What's Space Buddies about?

Max - Space Buddies is about they go in a rocket ship, and then they go in a meteor shower, and then they go on the moon, and then they land in the place where they did, and then the people cheered, yay yay yay yay!!

Me - Would you watch it again?

Max - No, then I watch Johnny Test. Johnny Test goes into Pokemon world and that's the end! All the stories are completed!

Me - How many stars would you give it?

Max - Johnny Test? Or Caillou?

Me - What's Caillou about?

Max - Caillou about he gets older, helps Rosie, and plays with his friends. Boom it's over!

Me - How many stars would you give Caillou?

Max - Can we talk about this later? I want to watch Caillou.

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