Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What do I do all day?

9 AM - Wake up to the sound of Evie shouting "MAMA!". Max is already in bed with me from when he snuck in at 5AM, I was too out of it to send him back. Dirk takes most the bed, Max the rest, I have a neck ache from being on the very edge. Sleeping pill still hasn't worn off. Try to get the kids to cuddle with me in bed, but doesn't work. They already want breakfast and drinks. I change the baby, takes about 5 minutes and some wrestling moves I learned back in WWF popularity, she is screaming the whole time. I put back on her pajamas and answer 30 questions for Max while getting them milk. Finally! I can pee! I go to the bathroom and then the door opens, they are both standing there, Max yelling to hurry up because he has to go, he always doesn't have to until I am. I go into the family room and turn on cartoons so I can make breakfast. Evie already has her diaper off. Whatever. Put it back on. Onto breakfast.
9:30AM - Start breakfast. Make caterpillar pancakes, smaller to large pancakes with blueberries. Give them strawberry smiles, whipped cream eye whites, and blueberry eyes. The whole time I am yelling at Evie to get away from the oven, stop moving the chairs to get cookies, and keep on her pants. Answer 100 questions from Max. Put breakfast on the table and while they're eating take my 15 vitamins and anti-anxiety medicine, then unload the dishwasher and load in the dishes from making breakfast. When they finish they are covered in syrup so they go in the bath.
10AM - Bathtime. Getting them in is easy, they love it. Then the fighting begins. They argue over who gets to be closest to the water faucet, who gets the wash cloth, who gets the hair washing cup. Once I have turned off the water and taken everything they fight over I remember I forgot the towels and go to the closet, crap, they're not folded yet. I go into the bedroom and gab two towels, and their clothes for the day. I come back to the bath room to find that Evie has thrown the bathroom rug and about 5 tampons in the tub. Max says, "Look what Evie did". Yeah, I see that, why don't you ever tell me when she is just getting up. I get them out of the tub and wrestle with Evie to get dressed. Max only puts on his underwear and runs around the house like that for the rest of the day. I don't feel like fighting him on it.
10:45AM - We go to watch tv, I sit down with my laptop and check my regular reads while Evie is trying to sit on my head and Max is watching cartoon asking 100 questions about the show. After a little while Evie gets tired and is ready to rumble with Max, it's time for her nap.
11:30AM - I put Evie down for her nap and take Max into my bedroom, I set up his PBSkids games for him on the laptop so I can sleep. It takes me an hour to fall asleep because he needs help with the games and it's just hard to shut off my brain. I get about an hour off and on with Max needing help with his game.
1:30PM - Evie is up, diaper situation again. Lunchtime. Heat up leftover chicken stir fry from the night before. Evie plays with it, Max asks a million questions. I clean up the kitchen while they eat. After they are finished I put on a movie so I can take a shower.
2:00PM - I get in the shower, and damn am I excited! I have been waiting for this! I get in and just as I get soap in my hair Max opens the door and lets the cold air in, he starts screaming the Evie took the couch pillows off the couch. I tell him to put them back for me, he says okay. He doesn't close the door all the way so I'm still cold. I start hurrying, skipping shaving my legs, when Evie busts in to tell her side of the story. She starts saying something about Max when she decides to bust open the child proof lock on the cabinet and brush her teeth. She opens the shower curtain laughing with my toothbrush in her mouth, she's naked of course. I get out of the shower and brush my teeth, then go in my room to get dressed. The kids jump on my bed screaming "Party, Party, Party" while I get ready.
2:30PM - Laundry time. They follow me downstairs and play nicely for awhile. I'm able to escape to go upstairs and clean up the family room. The kids come up and we cuddle/watch tv/read books/color until their dad gets home.
5PM - Dirk comes home. I got Evie down for a second nap so I am laying on the couch with Max, dozing off. He bought an ugly, metal framed rocking chair off craigslist for $110. WTF? Whatever floats his boat, he's wanted a
man chair" for a long time now. It will get me my Ikea curtains sooner! Scratch mine and I'll scratch yours, right? I am relived! I can finally emotionally relax by making dinner. Dirk takes over, moving furniture for his new chair. I make dinner.


3 fillets, olive oil, black peppercorn, 375 degrees for 20 minutes.

Mashed Potatoes with Kale

1 cup of kale
olive oil
2 cloves minced garlic
sea salt
red potatoes

make the mashed potatoes, add milk until creamy, salt. pour 3-4 good gulps into a frying pan, add garlic, wilt the kale over med-high heat. stir into potatoes. add parm on top.

Roasted Corn/Bell Pepper Salad

roast corn under broiler until just charred, around 1 cup.
dice 1/2 cup red and yellow peppers
dice 1/2 cup cucumber
mix all in bowl
add 1 tsp balsamic vinegar, 1tsp olive oil, and a couple dashes of basil
toss and serve

As I'm making dinner Dirk comes up behind me and wants to hug and talk, I'm in a zone so I shoe him away. We eat dinner.

6:30PM - Dirk goes into the shower, I do the dishes, then I start writing this, the kids are playing in the new recliner. I know how the rest of the night will play out though... I will fold the clothes and do some more laundry, the kids will watch Charlie Brown Valentine's Day at 8PM. Following that they will argue about going to bed, Max will call his dad to talk to him in his bed, Evie will get a story and go down. Dirk and I will watch a movie and exercise and dick around on the computer until we go to bed around midnight, but I will lay there for 3-4 hours, even with the sleeping pills.

This is what a week day is like with nowhere to go, no one to see. Other days can be a lot more hectic. I love my kids and I did leave out a lot of timeouts and kisses, just giving the basics. Weekends are 100% better for me because my sir helps out soooo much. He's a great dad. I have an anxiety problem and I have a hypothyroid which makes me overly tired. Sometimes I wonder if healthy stay at home moms have it any easier than I do. I guess I will never know. I do love my life though, really.

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