Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top Ten Bands To Have Sex To

  1. Iggy and the Stooges

  2. Billy Idol

  3. Blood for Blood

  4. Love

  5. Melvins

  6. Muse

  7. Pixies

  8. Kings of Leon

  9. Blondie

  10. Social Distortion

  11. Isis

Had to throw in Isis. Am I missing anyone?


Angela said...

I would have included Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie, but that's just me...

anarchitek said...

You listed Love! I am impressed, moved to tears! Those guys are at the top of my personal list of the best albums of the 60's, with Forever Changes, although, I have almost everything they released. You probably like Signed D C, an amazing song, when you realize it was recorded in 1966, years before it became de rigeur to have a song about a wasted friend who didn't make it. My own favorite is You Set the Scene, in which Arthur Lee sings,
"This is the time in which I am living,
And I'll face each day with a smile,
For the time that I've been given's such a little while,
And the things that I must do consist of more than style..."
I'd go on, but it is far better for those who want to, to go on from here...amazing, Mags!