Monday, June 25, 2007

Max's bedtime woes

Since we've moved to the crotch of Michigan, Max has been sleeping great. He would tell me he was tired, go in his room without a fuss, get into his bed, give me a kiss, and walla! Comatose sleep. Of course, that's only at night, not during nap time, but that's a whole other story... So, recently Max has decided he wants to protest sleeping. We put him in his bed, he cries that he wants us to lay with him, he asks for random thing to stall the sleeping like "apple juice now mama" or "need choo choo blankie", and once we leave the room he screams bloody murder for about 10 minutes. After that 10 minutes is up, you go into his room and he's sleeping here:

Under his train table. I will move him, but several times throughout the night he'll return to his "hiding spot". This picture was taken this morning. His rebellion makes me proud, but frustrates the hell out of me at the same time. I'm going to put a pad underneath the table and a pillow under there and encourage it, then making we'll return to the bed.

Today we went to Target to use my new coupon math to get cheap diapers (no, it's not fraud) and Max was exhausted sitting in the cart. All of the sudden out of nowhere he jumps up and proclaims, "MAMA WHAT YOU DOIN HERE AT MY WORK" to which I replied, "I didn't know you worked at Target?", and he responded, "THIS MY WORK MAMA YOU GO". I already embarrass him at work, I guess.

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