Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our Birthday deux

My birthday was the 19th, Dirk's was yesterday. 5 years and 1 day apart, convenient how that worked out, huh? I did exactly what I wanted to do, not take care of kids. Well, from the time Dirk got home from work until bedtime. Instead of wrestling with my 2 year old and getting puked on I made these - TADA! I'm so proud. Of course they ended up too small, but they were a good first run. Now all of my nephews are getting punk rock booties, whether their parents want them to wear them or not.
I also spent the whole night making cakes for Dirk and my brother-in-law's birthday party which was the next day. They're exactly 1 year apart, to the day. His poor mother. Anyways, they were chocolate raspberry and lemon with lemon curd. From scratch. I like to challenge myself, but 4 years ago I would have bought a damn box of Twinkies and stuck candles in them and called it a day. When you live in the hills of jack there's nothing else better to do than to spend your birthday making cakes and booties.

Dirk got me a Flogging Molly CD on my actual birthday. His idea to get me a gift certificate to the tattoo shop fell through when he told me about it and I complained, whining that I wouldn't use it for a long time since I have some weight to lose from the baby still. The next day he called me and told me he had a present, I asked him what it was, to which he replied "Circle of Life". Right away I assumed he got me a god damn Elton John album, or the Lion King. Later, when I opened it I found out the Circle of Life is actually an eccentric looking necklace, and I like it. Husband has always been good at buying me jewelry. But now I look bad because all I bought him was new shoes. Shit.

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