Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vacations and poison.

It's been awhile, where to start.

We went on vacation, or a weekend, or on a mini-trip to my dad's "cabin". A quasi cabin, perhaps. If you consider a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home on a lake that has cable installed a "cabin", my dad does. Anyways. Irish Hills, MI is amazing for tourist attractions. We stopped at a little old Western town in a town named Stage Coach Stop. Max LOVED it.

This is the front gate.

Max posing with the "farmers". He kept saying the "farmers are fighting and shooting, mean farmers".

This is the train hold up, Max's favorite part. They had actors that performed shoot outs and robbed people.

At the petting zoo, as you can see, I'm thrilled to have an evil goat that close to me. The llama almost bit off Max's hand, and the duck lurking in the background struck Max's face after this picture was taken. Seriously.

After Max kicked Dirk in the balls. You can see the pain in his face.

Is it just me, or does Paul Bunyan look like a skinhead with his white laces, pants tucked in his boots, and suspenders? He actually looks EXACTLY like Max's dad, face and all. No wonder Max liked him.

Afterward we went fishing. Max says the lilypads are lolipops.

Evie's 4th month of gracing us with her presence was yesterday. We celebrated by trying some rice cereal.

You would think I was feeding her the elixer of death.

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